Professional Leadership Coaching

We meet your employees where they are in their career and life journey.

Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach? You know, someone to help your employees grow both personally and professionally? Check out the statements below to see if Lead to INSPIRE can help.

Sherry and Marcia meet employees where they are in their career and life journey. Whether they have a Leadership title, aspire to be a Leader or you simply want to help better your employees, we tailor coaching plans to help your employees grow both personally and professionally.

Think of us as an accountability partner, a sounding board, a motivator, an extra set of eyes and ears to push and challenge your employees in their personal and professional development. We are passionate about motivating and inspiring others and the way we succeed is when YOU succeed.   

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients say about Lead to INSPIRE’s 1-1 Coaching: 

  • Marcia and Sherry challenge me to look at situations from different perspectives and angles 
  • Lead to INSPIRE offers a safe environment for me to speak and work on my development goals
  • Marcia and Sherry challenge my thinking and their advice is always spot on
  • Lead to INSPIRE’s Coaching has helped me to focus and achieve my goals
  • Lead to INSPIRE’s Coaching Program has helped with my personal growth 


Marcia and Sherry offer a variety of options for coaching, if you’re interested or have questions, contact us below to schedule a free consultation.