Client Testimonials

"I had the opportunity to attend Lead to Inspire's Leadership Summit.  I was very impressed with the entire experience and all the thought that went into the Summit.  Sherry and Marcia really set themselves apart with all the personalized details and small surprises throughout the conference!  Some of the big takeaways I've found myself incorporating into the work place are introducing new corporate initiatives and making them stick.  Lead to Inspire had great insight on this challenge that most businesses face and introduced some different tools that I find myself using often.  I have also adapted their motto of "Being Intentional" and it has transformed my leadership style!  I encourage any business who is looking to cultivate new leaders within their company to send employees to a Lead to Inspire training opportunity!"

Ashley Lipp, Vice President, Lloyd Companies

Lead to Inspire's Foundation of Leadership course was a great training for my retail branch manager to help her grow personally and professionally as a supervisor and leader.  I immediately saw changes in this leader, as she gained confidence in herself and applied different leadership techniques she had learned, to both her work and personal life.  She used the personality characteristics tool to bring her team closer together and improve communication.  The impact on our overall business has been vast.  To have local, affordable classes to help us build leaders from within our organization is invaluable.  The tools she brought back and implemented from training are helping us build a stronger team.

Nancy Bitterman, Community Bank President, First Bank & Trust




"Sherry and Marcia at Lead to Inspire have been great to work with.  They are very flexible, creative and willing to work with you to customize the proper leadership training plan specific to your team.  They are very hands on, driven and want to see you succeed."

Brian Boyden, COO, TAK Communications    




"Marcia and Sherry are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about challenging & empowering you to become a better leader and mentor. Their extensive past career experiences and real life mentoring examples have been extremely helpful as I work through the challenges that arise day to day in a leadership role and providing exceptional service to my clients as well. They are the perfect dynamic duo!"

Dawn Andel, Account Team Manager, Click Rain




I was so pleased with the training that Marcia and Sherry (Lead to Inspire) delivered to our entire management team at our annual TAK Leadership Summit.! We received wonderful feedback from all of our 50 leaders in attendances. This is a great option for any company struggling with 'new' managers or even managers that need a refresher and a boost! They have a great way of explaining things to all levels of a company.

Wendy Alexander, Talent and Culture Specialist, TAK Communications



We had Lead to Inspire in to help us kickoff 2017 during our Annual Managers Summit Meeting.  With over 50 leaders present, let's just say their leadership training was a huge hit and added a ton of value!  Not only was it educational, they made it super entertaining and everyone involved laughed and had fun!  Thanks a ton Marcia and Sherry!

Micah Mauney, CEO, TAK Communications



I've known both Marcia and Sherry for a number of years and a word that comes to mind to describe both of them is GENUINE.  Seldom seen without a smile, they are a team with positive personalities who exude kindness.  True professionals who excel at building great relationships because their heart is always in their approach!

Kimber Severson