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We believe it’s all about the people!  Our mission is to help individuals and organizations invest in their people – whether it be their employees or their customers.  We started Lead to Inspire to help mold strong leaders, to engage employees and to help organizations build an incredible client experience.  Our passion at Lead to Inspire is assuring each client has a plan in place that matches exactly what your company needs to grow and succeed.  We know that after working with us, and implementing our strategies, your organization will have stronger, more confident leaders, happier employees, and satisfied clients!


What we do

  • Leadership Development

    Great leaders don't necessarily set out to be a leader, they instead set out to make a difference. They aren’t focused on a title but a goal. We can help your leaders become more intentional, more inspiring, and will help them lead your organization to greater success. We have a variety of ways for you to invest in your leaders, so they can invest in their teams. It’s a fact, companies that invest more in training and career development outperform their peers.

  • Employee Engagement

    How engaged is your team? Are they passionate about your company vision? How many of your employees would refer a friend to your organization? All questions that could lead to problems if not set on the right path. Let us help you and your leadership team create a great culture, something your team thrives in, which in turn helps make your business a place everyone wants to work. A healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees, employee retention and increased productivity.

  • Client Experience

    A great client experience doesn't happen by accident. Organizations providing an excellent client experience are very intentional, training their employees, then making the experience a constant priority. Let us partner with your organization to develop and implement a plan specific to your business. We’ll then teach your leadership how to coach their teams, working to ensure your clients experience is the best, which in turn helps you retain their business.


What if we just want help with our client experience plan?

We can help! Lead to Inspire is a fully customizable solution. We work with each of our clients to find their individual or organizational needs, we then customize a plan to help you reach your goals. If your organization just wants help strengthening leaders or in your case only focus on building a great client experience, then that’s our focus and we’ll partner with you to achieve that goal.

What sets Lead to Inspire apart?

Combined, we have 50 years’ business experience in a broad range of areas. At Lead to Inspire, our focus is partnering with businesses in Leadership, Employee Engagement and Client Experience Training. We have a passion for working with people! Every job either of us have ever held, the focus has been on people. We excel at building teams and leaders, building relationships with clients and in the end helping organizations and people succeed.

How can we get started working with Lead to Inspire?

Simply reach out to us though email at hello@leadtoinspire.net, and we'll set up a time to discuss your business's needs. It's that easy!

What different types of training and consulting does Lead to Inspire offer?

At Lead to Inspire, we offer a variety of different ways to work with us and train with us. We offer in person training and consulting on Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Communication Strategies and Client Experience. We will get to know your business and develop a plan to achieve your goals. And if you are looking to develop your leadership skills, you should absolutely consider attending our Foundation of Leadership Training in Sioux Falls starting in January, 2017!

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