Our Story

Lead to Inspire Team – Our Story


They say with a smile, they’re in the “People Business,” and they mean it.  They are passionate about motivating and inspiring people, and its passion that drives them to want to teach and develop others.


At Lead to Inspire, Marcia and Sherry are intentional in all that they do.  They tirelessly focus on developing Leaders, engaging employees to help with employee retention, as well as assuring the right plan is in place to offer your customers an amazing client experience.


Professionally, Marcia and Sherry’s paths crossed more than 15 years ago, since then, they’ve worked together on the same team at two different organizations before starting their own business.  From international pharmaceutical giant, to local tech startup, Marcia and Sherry bring real world experiences into the classroom, something clients say, sets them apart.


When they’re not focused on their business venture, Marcia and Sherry’s focus shifts to their families and other adventures.

Lead to Inspire, a local team partnering with organizations to impact the bottom line.  Who says you can’t turn your dreams into reality.