Our Story

Lead to Inspire Team – Our Story

Who knew when Marcia and Sherry were assigned to the same team in the corporate world in 2001, it would lead them to one day be co-founders of their own business.  In fact, they worked together on the same team at two different organizations before starting Lead to Inspire. 

The two instantly became friends and were dubbed the “dynamic duo.” They thought the nickname reflected the fact they were a great team and got things done, while that’s partially true, the other piece to this relationship is, “we have a lot of similar strengths, but we also have some differences. Lucky for us, where one of us has an area of opportunity, the other fills the gap,” says Marcia.  Smiling, the two agree and Sherry adds, “that’s something we’ve always embraced and celebrated.”

Diversity is also key to their success, Marcia and Sherry’s careers have been immersed in leadership roles in communications, sales, health care, as well as a tech startup environment and now their own business.   Marcia and Sherry have created all their workshops and trainings based on their own real-world experiences, successes AND failures, that’s something clients say, sets them apart.

They are passionate about motivating and inspiring people, and it is passion that drives them to want to teach and develop others.  Their success is measured by the success of their clients and the partnership they’ve formed to Lead to INSPIRE!

On a personal note, when they’re not focused on their business venture, Marcia and Sherry’s focus shifts to their families.  Both “Boy Mom’s,” they can only hope they’re proving to their kids that when you step out of your comfort zone, truly amazing things can happen!