Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in people.

Lead to Inspire molds strong leaders, engages employees and helps organizations build amazing client experiences. We are passionate about helping people and we are proud to align with organizations who are looking to invest in their people.


Bryan Boyden Headshot

"Sherry and Marcia at Lead to Inspire have been great to work with. They are very flexible, creative and willing to work with you to customize the proper leadership training plan specific to your team. They are very hands on, driven and want to see you succeed."

- Brian Boyden, TAK Communications COO 



"Lead to Inspire's Foundation of Leadership course was a great training for my retail branch manager to help her grow personally and professionally as a supervisor and leader.  I immediately saw changes in this leader, as she gained confidence in herself and applied different leadership techniques she had learned, to both her work and personal life.  She used the personality characteristics tool to bring her team closer together and improve communication.  The impact on our overall business has been vast.  To have local, affordable classes to help us build leaders from within our organization is invaluable.  The tools she brought back and implemented from training are helping us build a stronger team."

- Nancy Bitterman, Community Bank President, First Bank & Trust

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