What is one thing that some Leaders do, that has a BIG impact?

Some leaders are so good at this while others simply just do not see the value in it.  The “what” we are talking about is getting to know their team members on a personal level.  Now, that doesn’t mean that they are spending every Friday night with them… it simply means, that they are taking the time to understand their why, they get to know what they value, they understand their family dynamics and they truly care about their success – personally and professionally.  Good leaders try to understand what makes their team members tick.

When leaders understand what makes their employees tick, they know how to better coach them, keep them engaged, motivate them and they know how to recognize them in a way that will be meaningful.

For the employee, when they feel their leader cares, they feel more valued and appreciated and are more willing to go the extra mile. 

This will not happen overnight.  It will require you to not only talk to them, but to really listen to your team members.  The investment in time, will have a big impact on the engagement of your team and ultimately will have a positive impact on the team performance as well.