Tricks of the Trade... A Solid Communication Plan

Remember playing a game of telephone as a child?  It was easy to play, one person whispered a word or phrase to a friend, then said “pass it on.”  The word was repeated many times before it came to the last person in line, who then said the word or phrase they heard out loud.  If you’ll recall, the word was NEVER the same and was usually quite funny.  

What’s not funny is when this childhood game plays out in the workplace.  It’s usually not on purpose but the impact can be quite damaging.

Communication is key in every relationship, personal or professional.  Professionally, a solid communication plan can improve the overall culture of a workplace.  When there’s a lack of communication, one major concern we’ve heard in focus groups with employees is, they lose trust in their leadership team.  Lack of trust alone can foster various issues including low employee morale, when workers are unhappy it doesn’t take long for that feeling to be passed on to your customers.

How do you fix your communication plan?  Communication has to start at the top, from an executive level, the same message must filter through every leader and every employee.  By assuring everyone hears the same messaging, employees now have clear goals, they feel valued, are more motivated and more productive.  Chances are that means your customers are getting a more consistent message too.  Think of a better communication plan this way, happy clients, plus happy and engaged employees equate to a successful and profitable business, pass it on!

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