Living and Working with INTENTION

Living and Working with more INTENTION or said another way, “Working Smarter, Not Harder”.  It’s a topic we are passionate about and recently spoke about to an audience of 500+ women at the Sales and Marketing Executives - Women in Business Conference in Sioux Falls.  Living and Working with Intention is advice we coach and train leaders on and in planning 2018, we are practicing what we preach.  At Lead to INSPIRE, we are taking a closer look into our own business and adjusting our business model, to better serve our customers.

With the launch of Lead to INSPIRE in 2016, our plan was simple, help organizations and leaders be more effective in the “People Business”.  Our focus with leaders, develop skills and strategies to help them and their teams be more effective.  And for Client and Employee EXPERIENCE, partner with businesses, to help build plans that ensure continued growth and success.   Our intention at launch was to simultaneously build our online business, but creating content, marketing, selling and training, we had little time left to develop our online solutions.

Research shows many small to medium sized business owners are looking for affordable, quality, self-paced products, online.  Since our content and tools are created, it's a natural fit to tweak our business model, allowing us to work smarter and shift our focus to Lead to INSPIRE's online solutions.  We feel the shift in our business model is not only a win for us, but for our current and future clients, as well.

Lead to INSPIRE continues to be dedicated to helping business owners create an amazing Client Experience, helping emerging, new or tenured leaders through 1-1 Coaching, sharing our ideas on team building, time management and effective communication as we look forward to more public speaking events.

As we try to live our own lives with more INTENTION, our new business model makes sense and allows us to take a breath and continue to grow our dream of helping others.  In fact, you will see our first online products hit our website soon, so STAY TUNED and THANK YOU for all your support since our launch!