Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone!

Are you inspired by the incredible things around you?  I’m inspired daily by my husband, my kids, my business partner and the people we work alongside through our business.  I’m also forever inspired by the weather, yes, I said weather.
I can’t complain that we’ve had a long, drawn out winter in the Midwest this year, we’ve certainly had worse.  But there’s something about the change in season, especially as we move into Spring that energizes me.    While it may prompt me to spring clean at home, at Lead to Inspire we’ve been focused on springing into action, to help ourselves and others grow both personally and professionally.
We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great leaders recently, who we are challenging with this statement, “Great things will happen, if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone.”  Depending on the individual, that can be anything from getting in touch with your emotions, to connecting with your team, being intentional about building your leadership brand, getting out of a leadership rut or overcoming your fear of public speaking.  Each leader is tackling one or two things they believe will have the biggest impact in their day to day. 
 In leadership, we should never stop learning or growing.  Just as the seasons change, it’s our chance for renewal, a chance to make the needed changes that will take our leadership to the next level.  No one said Leadership was easy, but think of how much more fun life will be LIVING and GROWING outside of your comfort zone!  We challenge you to try hard things, new things and to start living life outside of your comfort zone TODAY!