Lead to Inspires CHECKLIST of Ideas to Show Appreciation

We get asked a lot about employee engagement and client experience, as companies try to find the magic formula to a happy work culture and a growing business.  There are many ways to engage your employees and your clients but one of the easiest ways is to take a few minutes to show your appreciation.

At Lead to Inspire we thought we’d share 20 relatively simple ways to show your gratitude:  

1. The Handwritten Thank You NEVER goes out of style!
2. Jazz up your Thank You by sending along a Lottery Ticket and wish them Good Luck!
3. Create a short Thank You video – Get Creative!
4. Call a customer, team member or other on their birthday or other special occasion – if possible invite them for coffee or lunch.
5. Send a gift basket, flowers, chocolate or other unique gift on a birthday or special occasion or better yet, for no special reason.
6. Have their favorite pizza (or other favorite treat) randomly delivered to their office.
7. Randomly send a book, magazine or other special subscription that would be of interest to the individual – get to know them, personalize this!
8. Send a gift certificate for a car wash on a sunny day!
9. Send concert tickets or other special event tickets that you know they will enjoy.
10. Send a seasonal gift (New Cooler for summer or New Thermos for winter).
11. Rent a Food Truck and host a Customer or Team Event.
12. Rent out a Movie Theater or Outdoor Theater and host an Appreciation Event for Customers or Team Members. 
13. Create a Customer or Team Member Milestone Program and CELEBRATE the individuals as they reach each Milestone.
14. Hold an Educational Online Event or In-Person Event for your Customers (Or Team) without any Promotions.
15. Provide a Special Offer or Promotion for your VIP customers or for your Top Performing Team Members.
16. Host a Special Event for your VIP Customers or for your Top Performing Team Members.
17. Host a Customer Appreciation Event (or Employee Appreciation Event).
18. Send a Referral to a Customer.
19. Highlight a Customer (Or Brag about a Team Member) on your Social Media Sites.  Ultimately thanking them.
20. Write about your Customers in your Blog (Or Brag about a Team Member).

It doesn’t matter the size of your budget, as you build your business and grow your team, showing appreciation can cost as much or as little as you want.  The true value is in showing gratitude to those who matter most, so they’ll continue to be engaged and go above and beyond for a business they’re truly invested.