Lead to Inspire celebrates its 1st birthday and shares 8 Rules they live by, that further sets them apart

August 30th, 2016, Lead to Inspire was born.  We launched our company after changing our focus of discussion from, "What if we started our own business" to "Why not start our own business".  Working together at other companies for years, we had found our passion, we love people and we love helping others grow and develop, both personally and professionally.  We hit the go button and haven't looked back.


Since our launch, we've been told numerous times, we're different, in a good way. We immediately dug into that statement for more feedback and found there are two key differentiators to our business:


  1. We're relatable - we teach from real-world stories and experiences (our successes and failures) which allow us to build our own content and training.
  2. We help people take action - we don't believe in "dust collectors".  If you don't use it, you will lose it. Breaking down our training to make it more actionable, we challenge you to apply it and hold you accountable, even after the training is complete.


We feel blessed with what we get to do each day.  Throughout this adventure, we've strategized many things and what we know is, whether you are focused on leadership, team engagement or client experience you have to be intentional about the little things.  That's what will make the difference. Here are a few rules we live by, rules we feel set us and Lead to Inspire apart. 


Rule #1 - Step outside your comfort zone, when you get uncomfortable, that's where growth (a.k.a. the magic) happens. 

Rule #2 - Be true to yourself.  Who you are, shouldn't change depending on who is in the room.

Rule #3 - Do the right thing, not the easy thing.  Always be nice and respectful to others.

Rule #4 - Look people in the eye.  Look up from your phone, be confident in yourself and communicate face to face with people.

Rule #5 - Don't fear failing.  You generally learn and grow more from your failures than your successes. Think about it.

Rule #6 - Ask for feedback, we believe Champions eat FEEDBACK for breakfast.  You only grow when you're open to new ideas or a different way of thinking. 

Rule #7 - Take the time to say Thank You.  Two words that have a powerful impact in all areas of our life, Thank You. 

Rule #8 - Celebrate being different.  We love it when people say we're different, set yourself apart in a positive way, be genuine, be real, embrace the fact you're learning and growing every day.