Inspiration in the Making!

It was our turn to be INSPIRED, at Lead to Inspire!  As a sponsor of Prairie Family Business, Lead to Inspire attended the group’s annual conference and we were impressed with the leaders we met.  They’re taking the phrase “work family,” literally, and aren’t heading up just any business, they are truly leading their family businesses. 
Prairie Family Business supports more than 200 family companies covering the Dakotas, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.  The group marked its 25th year in business, with a sold-out conference.  Some who regularly attend the event, described it as a big family reunion, but with family you want to see.
Imagine the challenges you face in your role as a leader today, it’s a tough job, now imagine those sitting around the board room table as your mother, father, a child or a spouse.  As we talked with leaders and observed the crowded room of first to fourth generation businesses, we heard stories of success and failure, as well as how families have survived growth and change.  Some of the leaders we met have just taken over the family business, succeeding their parents, others are still focused on what more they need to do to hand their business over to the next generation.  In either case, these savvy entrepreneurs are making their mark and fulfilling the American dream.
The fun conversations and incredible speakers we heard from, left us at Lead to Inspire excited and inspired.  Excited to see what our own future holds and inspired that we are building a legacy for our families.  Who knows what entrepreneurial spirit we’re sparking in our own children.
Congratulations to all family owned businesses, may you continue to soar and inspire!