In This Together

When the media tells of first responders in the Coronavirus Pandemic, they speak of doctors, nurses, firefighters, and law enforcement. They are true and obvious heroes as this crisis spreads throughout our world. But if you look closer, in fact turn to National OnDemand, you will see another group of first responders helping to give people across the country, traction in this time of distraction.

As essential employees, National OnDemand crews haven’t missed a beat, working each day to bring not just a lifeline of internet services to students now homeschooling, but providing lifesaving services to health care and other professionals who need to do their jobs from home. National OnDemand teams are also laying new groundwork to provide cable and internet services to rural areas that have never had that opportunity.

Imagine… in the middle of this crisis there is opportunity. An opportunity to help others, to grow personally and professional and to build a stronger team. From the National OnDemand corporate office, to each hub in the company footprint, you will find an extension of the essential employee.

In the middle of all the crazy, we sometimes forget to reflect on all we have to be grateful. Across the United States people can continue moving forward, or at least be distracted for a bit because of the services and opportunity the National OnDemand family provides.

Lead to INSPIRE wants to take this time to say we are grateful for our continued partnership with National OnDemand. Through each Leader we work with, we see firsthand the difference they make each day. This amazing team not only deserves a pat on the back for staying the course and staying focused in these unprecedented times, but a heartfelt THANK YOU! They are proof, we are in this together.