Have you ever wished you had a "do over" button?

We’ve all had those moments we wish we could “do over.”  Whether you say something that is interpreted the wrong way, potentially tarnishing your credibility or your words hurt someone’s feelings.  Either way, it is an unfortunate situation, but what if you had a reset button? We’re not talking a remake of the movie “Groundhog Day” but what if you could walk back into a client or coworker’s office and start the conversation over?
Newer to sales and at one time launching a new product, I vividly remember the day my manager and I walked into a new physician’s office and let him know absolutely everything “I” knew about the product.  When we got back into my car, my manager asked, “How do you think that went?”  It hit me, I was so anxious about meeting the new doctor, launching this new product and having my boss with me I had completely blown the call.  I didn’t once take a breath to even allow him to speak, let alone ask him how this product might fit into his practice.  We talked through my options and agreed the next time I was in this physician’s office I wouldn’t have a “do over” button, but I could do damage control.  My next visit to this office started with an apology and then a promise that I would not make that mistake again, I followed up by getting to know that physician and learning more about his practice.   I was met with a bit of surprise, a smile and the first step in building a relationship with this client. 
We all make mistakes, it’s how we react to them that counts.  Assure your reaction includes, taking ownership, apologizing and then moving forward, it’s a way we can all learn and grow both personally and professionally.