GIVING THANKS... Are you Ready to Take the Challenge?

 As a parent, you’ve taught your child and then reminded them, again and again to say Thank You.  The greatest joy as a parent, is when those words come automatically to your child.  Tonight, my five-year-old reminded me of that joy when I delivered him a drink and he, without prompting said, “Thank You Mom.”  


The scenario playing out before me tonight, made me think how often as adults, as Leaders, we forget our manners?  In business, we’re constantly putting out fires, all while creating our vision and changing the world, but how many times in one day do we miss a golden opportunity to sincerely say THANK YOU?


Saying Thank YOU to employees is not just polite, it is critical to keeping them engaged.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated, whether at work or at home.


Ready for your challenge?  Step one:  Take five minutes to list 5-10 people you need to say “Thank You” to, professionally or personally.  Think about each one, are these people you’ve thanked in the past and if not, why haven’t you taken the time?  The real challenge is Step two:  Go back to the office or go home and share your gratitude.  Take time to hand write a Thank You note, send a quick email or text or why not just meet face to face to verbally tell someone how much you appreciate them.


You must be intentional about saying “Thank You,” and the words need to be heartfelt.  It’s a fact that saying those two simple words naturally motivates and inspires all of us and if you don’t believe me, try your own study, what’s the worst that can happen? 


Thank You for taking the time to read our Lead to Inspire Blog.  Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving.