Find the good in your day...

Find the good in your day…a simple reminder to help kick off 2017 in a positive way!

A friend of mine writes the simplest reminders on social media and each time I read one, I smile, then remember life is all about how you react to each day and each situation, it’s your perspective.  Her posts usually go something like this, “Before I got out the door this morning, I had to change my clothes because the baby spit up on me, on my way to work I got a speeding ticket, and when I arrived late to work, I realized I had a flat tire.  I’m planning to have a great day anyway.  Find some good in your day and remember, you are loved.”
We all have bad days, that sometimes turn into bad weeks, maybe even what seems to be a bad year.  When we only look at the negatives, it is easy to get caught up in the drama, the “Woe is me,” but that’s when you need to stop and think, is what’s happening really that bad?  Chances are it could be worse.  If you want people to embrace you, lift you up and walk alongside of you, don’t dwell on the little things, focus more on the good in your day, it can be contagious.
The next time you’re having a “bad day,” don’t forget to look for the silver lining.  It might just help you turn this into the best year ever!