A 6-Step Plan to Living Outside your Comfort Zone!

At Lead to Inspire, our passion comes from pushing individuals out of their comfort zone and watching them grow and develop in ways they didn’t believe possible. 
We recently wrapped up a 5-week Leadership Development course.  Members of the class told us they are having conversations and doing things they were afraid to do just 5 short weeks ago.  These individuals came to this training prepared to enhance the skills they already had and to learn new skills.  Throughout the course, they gained the confidence they needed to push outside their comfort zone and do things they normally would avoid.  What inspires us is, these small changes are leading this group of individuals to greater things and greater fulfillment in their personal and professional lives! 
If you want to live outside your comfort zone, follow these 6-steps Lead to Inspire recommends:
Step 1 – Make a List of BHAGS – Big Hairy Audacious Goals.  Think BIG.  What do you really want to achieve?  What would you dream to do, if you knew, you would not fail?
Step 2 – Next identify your top priorities - Make a step by step plan of how you will reach your goal or goals. 
Step 3 – ACT - TAKE THE FIRST STEP!  Step up and take INITIATIVE.  Make things happen for you instead of waiting for things to happen to you.  Take CONTROL.  You must WANT IT!
Step 4 -  You have heard it before, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  To improve upon a skill, you have to practice it over and over until you get it right. 
Step 5 – Know it will get TOUGH.  There will be days you want to quit.  DON’T!  Stay the course, do not give up.  Keep believing that new doors will open for you.  Your hard work will pay off. 
Step 6 – Stay POSITIVE.  Having confidence in yourself is EVERYTHING. Consider the mantra, “Believe and Achieve!”  If you do not believe you can achieve this, no one else will.  
Now it is up to you, do you want to make this change?  Are you willing to get uncomfortable to do BIGGER things in your life?  Are you ready to LIVE INSPIRED?  If you said YES, take ACTION, get started.  And take the first step outside your comfort zone.  We wish you all the BEST and can’t wait to hear about your achievements!