A 5 Second Customer Turn off or... A Client Experience to Remember?

A 5 Second Customer Turn off or A Client Experience to Remember?


Real conversation at a “quick shop” franchise pizza counter, “Can you tell me if you have a personal pepperoni coming out soon?” Worker’s reply, “I was going to make one but didn’t have time.”  I try again, “well, can you tell me how long it will take before one is ready?” Worker, who is making a sub sandwich looks disgusted I could ask such a question, “I have to finish making these sandwiches, then make the pizza, it will be about 15 minutes.”  Okay, so much for quick…if my child hadn’t been so hungry and we’d been in a bit more populated area that had another option, I would have turned around and walked out.  In fact, according to an American Express Survey 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made the intended purchase because of a poor service experience.


I know the saying, it’s hard to find good help, but in a competitive world, even if you don’t find good help, you can train them on exceptional client experience.  As a business owner or a manager, you want your team and your company to be successful.  Teaching a simple response like, “We like to make sure your pizza is fresh, it will just take 15 minutes and I’ll have a fresh one ready for you,” will make all the difference in the world.  The difference between an online thrashing of your business or repeat business and a potential 5-star response for all to view. 


This same scenario happens far too often today, basic politeness, common courtesy and genuine caring about customers or clients seems to have vanished.  In fact, when someone does offer incredible customer service it catches you off guard.  We can’t change society as a whole, but we can change the customer experience one employee and one customer at a time.  The CEO of Zappos says, “Customer Service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.”  Take pride in what you do, and, pass it on!  If you don’t, plan on customers passing right by your door step into the open arms of your competitor. 


Beyond the retention of repeat customers, think about retention of your employees.  If you give your employees the right tools to personally and professionally develop in client experience, that mediocre employee might just surprise you and become an engaged employee who loves coming to work to serve your repeat customers and help build your business and brand.