5 Step Plan to Empower Others through Great Communication

Whether you’re in business, in school or at home, lack of, or poor communication can lead to lost time and money, 2 things we all wish we had more of, right? This is especially true when you’re trying to implement something new.
If you think about a perfectly executed project, chances are it had a well thought out plan with a clearly defined goal.  We like to refer to it as the bullseye, the entire team knows what they are aiming for and what success will look like once accomplished.  Lead to Inspire knows there are a few other things that can ensure success and has developed a 5-step plan to help with communication on any new initiative or project.
5 Step Plan to Communicating a New Initiative or Project:

1. Communicate the vision or plan, simply
     a. Show your team the bullseye – what does success look like at the end of the project.
     b. Make sure everyone knows what role they will play in the project.

2. Cast it convincingly
     a. Be passionate and enthusiastic.  Give your team a reason to get excited
     b. Be strategic, be intentional
          i. Give your team a reason to be confident in you and your plan
     c. Ask the team for feedback, ENGAGE them
          i. Read their body language – are they ready to get started or dragging their feet?

3. Keep the bullseye front and center
     a. Communicate the vision regularly to keep it forefront of mind
     b. Adjust the plan, as needed

4. Celebrate Systematically
     a. Set small goals to help you pull through the project
     b. Celebrate milestones, say THANK YOU and show your appreciation!

5. Embrace it personally
     a. Assure you are 100% behind the plan, if you’re not figure out why
     b. How can you expect your team to embrace it, if you do not?
When you are intentional in how you execute a plan, communicate it clearly and engage those around you, you will empower yourself and others to do great things!  Now that’s a win-win!