4 Essentials to Implementing Change Successfully

I vividly remember being told on a companywide conference call more than a decade ago, accept change or find a new profession because change here is the new normal.  WHAT?  I believe that statement caused everyone on that call to pause, chances are for many it just caused panic.  


You question it, how could such a statement be made, you try to understand, but then it just begins, a whirlwind of change that you either adapt to or run from, the choice is in your control.   Funny thing, change does become your “norm” because over the years, working with different companies, that statement has continued to ring true, time and time again.  Another thing you learn in time, change isn’t always a bad thing.


When implementing change, as a leader, the way you roll it out is critical to its success.  You need to be intentional.  The first thing everyone wants to know about change is, how does it impact “me.”  Involving key members of your team in the planning process, only makes them more invested, assuring success.


The 4 keys to implementing change successfully:

1)   Make sure you first explain why the change is happening and how it impacts the team, the organization and the client. Fear of the unknown is usually what keeps people from accepting change.  The more they understand the easier it is for them to accept change.

2)    Stay positive.  Be the cheerleader of the project, you may have to resell the change and the plan along the way to keep your team motivated. 

3)    Walk alongside employees as they implement change.  As a leader if you cannot be in the day to day, at the very least check in to see how the change is evolving.  

4)    Don’t be afraid to adjust along the way.  If the new change you’ve implemented isn’t working, ask for feedback, listen and adjust or worst case scenario start over.  All pride aside, sometimes your employees know what’s best for business.  A great leader isn’t afraid to listen.