10 Ways to Up Your Client Experience Game!

If you own or operate a business today, there is a constant need to differentiate yourself and give your customers a reason to continue coming back. Organizations who have a great client experience, think about it on a regular basis.  They are constantly looking for ways to enhance their customers journey.  Organizations who do it well, are INTENTIONAL about it and have built client experience into their strategic plan. Whether you have client experience built into a plan yet or not, you can start to enhance the journey.  Lead to Inspire shares 10 ways you can up your Client Experience Game starting TODAY:


  1. Make sure your own TEAM loves your business!  Think about this, if your own employees do not LOVE your business, how likely is it, that your customers will?  Take time to invest in your PEOPLE, and they will invest in YOUR BUSINESS.
  2. TRAIN your team HOW to deliver the experience you want for your clients. Set expectations.  Knowledge is power, if this is not part of your onboarding and training, start today!
  3. Every chance you and your team get, call your clients and customers by name. This will help them to feel valued.  A customer who feels valued, will return to your business.
  4. Loyalty is important in any relationship, and your relationship with your customers is no exception.  Implement a REALLY GREAT customer loyalty program for your customers – make it a win-win.
  5. Personalize their experience with your business.  Not every customer is the same, get to know your customers and make it extremely easy for them to use your business or service, and they will keep coming back!
  6. Find ways to SOLVE their problems. Period.
  7. Find ways to SURPRISE them!
  8. Talk to them.  Ask them what they need and why they like your business / service?  Let them know you care and are striving to exceed their expectations.
  9. Recognize and Reward your team when they wow and delight a customer.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
  10. Put yourself in your customers shoes on a regular basis and don't be afraid to change or enhance your plan to meet the customers changing needs.


Whether you see a need in your own business to work on or tweak one step or all ten, it's important to start the process and then continue to look for more ways to enhance your customers experience. If your customer experience is CRAZY GOOD, not only will your customers come back again, but they will tell all their friends and family, too!  And we have NO DOUBT these things will have a direct impact on your bottom line!  Win-Win!